Best Italian Restaurant! 

I love everything at Venezia in Saint Armands Circle! This family owned Italian restaurant has the best pizza and pasta dishes that are made from scratch with fresh ingredients. I love the Margharita Pizza, the Fried Mozzarella, the Spaghetti with homemade marinara sauce, the Angel Hair Pasta with olive oil and garlic and more than anything else, the homemade Sangria! This is by far my favorite place to go when I want Italian food. The staff is great and the atmosphere is too! Sit inside or out and enjoy amazing food with good company. This is a great place to go with friends, with family or on a date. We love going here and hope you will too! 🙂 


Beach Cruiser 

Looking for an affordable Beach Cruiser for the summer? I found a super cute one at Walmart for $99! It comes in 3 different colors and is really durable. You can buy it in-store or online. I purchased the basket separately (also from Walmart) and absolutely love it! This is a great bike for any beach town!!! Enjoy! 

This Beach Cruiser is also available for men and comes in two color options, blue and black for $99. 🙂

Best Chinese Take Out!

Once in a while I CRAVE Chinese take out and then disappointed by all the crappy take out places between Sarasota and Bradenton. A few years back I was buying a car and the finance guy reviewing my paperwork was making small talk and somehow got on the subject of Chinese food. Weird I know. Anyway, he mentioned that he recently moved to Tampa… he only comes here once a month… blah blah blah… but that anytime he works in this area he makes a point of getting take out from China Wok II in Bradenton. Now he had my attention! He went on and on about how it was the best Chinese take out he’s ever been to, how fresh it is, how good it is etc. A few weeks later I decided to give it a try and holy goodness he was right! It is sooo good!!! China Wok II in Bradenton is hands down the best Chinese take out anywhere! It’s located in the River Edge Shopping Center off HWY 64 next to Publix. My favorites are the Honey Chicken, the General TSO’s Chicken, the Pork Fried Rice, the Vegetable Lo Mein, the Fried Chicken Wings and the Crab Rangoon’s; to name a few! If you like Chinese and craving take out, it’s worth the drive!!! Trust me! 

Thank goodness for garlic knots… 

Roaming around Main Street tonight looking for anywhere open after 10pm for a quick bite to eat, we came across Patellini’s New York Style Pizza. We ordered two slices of pizza and an order of garlic knots. I was sadden to see the pizza was reheated pizza so the crust was warm on the bottom, but the cheese and toppings were still cold on top. Plus there was no taste to it. The Garlic Knots were also reheated and also warm on the bottom and cold on the top. The difference between the pizza and the knots was that the knots were amazing! First of all, they are HUGE and secondly, they are delicious! The knots saved the day!!! I didn’t like the marinara sauce that was served with them because it was cold, right out of the fridge cold, and I prefer my sauce warm. Too many cold elements to this meal so I doubt I’ll be back for pizza, but I will get the knots… to go… and heat at home and eat with my own sauce. The garlic knots are a must try! The pizza not so much.

Best Lunch Ever! 

I love being at the beach especially when there’s a great place to eat near by. One place I love is Sharky’s on Venice Beach. The food and drinks are always great and the view is even better!!! Today I had the hot peel and eat Gulf shrimp with a side of their homemade remoulade sauce and my husband had the BLT salad topped with blackened chicken. We both had our favorite daiquiri, the frozen Mango Bango, which is amazing on a hot sunny day! If you are ever in Venice, you need to spend time at the beach and MUST have lunch at Sharky’s!!! Best lunch ever!!!

This weeks favorite find! 

I have really thick wavy hair and have a hard time finding products that make it soft and manageable. I color my roots (to hide a few grays) and also highlight my hair which can make it feel dry and course. I don’t like using a lot of products or heavy conditioners that weigh my hair down. My hair is heavy enough! I don’t mind spending a little extra on a product that works, but also don’t want to spend a fortune. While at the store I saw L’Oréals 6in1 Cleansing Balm and thought I would give it a try. I absolutely LOVE this stuff!!! Not only do I not need conditioner, it meets all my criteria’s. It’s affordable, it’s Sulfate, Silicone and Dye Free and it leaves my hair soft and manageable without ruining my color or damaging my hair. My husband also uses it to wash his beard and it makes it really clean and soft to touch. If you are looking for one product to fix all your hair issues, this product is for you!!! Give it a try! 🙂


Oh Sooo Good!

I love fresh seafood, cold drinks and live music. One place I enjoy all of these things is at Swordfish Grill and Tiki Bar on Sarasota Bay in Cortez Fl. For starters, I get the Shrimp Fajita Nachos which are tricolor tortilla chips topped with fresh Gulf shrimp, cheese, jalapeños, tomatoes, scallions, grilled onions and peppers. To drink, I love the Cortez Cooler which is a rum and pineapple based drink. You can’t have just one… For dinner, I love several menu items, but one of my favorites is the Fried Cobia! This white flaky fish is battered and deep fried and oh sooo good! For my sides, I get the seasoned fries and the pineapple slaw. Top all of this with live music, a beautiful sunset, loved ones and good friends to share it with and you have a night made in heaven!

Outdoor Fitness!

I’m not someone who likes to workout, but when I do, I prefer to be outdoors. One of my favorite spots to get a little exercise is at Bird Key Park and walking across the Ringling Bridge. This walk is 3.04 miles round trip and walks up and over the bridge (twice) which is 25.92 ft at its highest point and burns around 400 calories. You can also run, jog or ride a bike. There is a dog park to exercise with your pet, a playground on the other side for the kids or you can bring your paddle board or kayak! What I love most about this workout is that it doesn’t feel like exercise. The breeze feels great and the view is amazing!!! My only advice would be to go in the morning or the afternoon when it’s cooler and not go in the middle of the day when it’s hot. Bring plenty of water, have fun and get fit!

Taco Tuesday :)

Tuesday is a great night for tacos and Fuzzy’s Taco Shop on University in Sarasota is What’s Good tonight! Their Baja style soft tacos are fresh and yummy. They have 13 different taco options to choose from!!! I like the shredded brisket taco and the ground beef taco, but all are delicious. I love the Mix-Mex fried rice and the Cilantro-Lime Rice is good too. Of course it wouldn’t be Taco Tuesday without a margarita to wash it down with and Fuzzy’s has the best in town! Yum!!!




I’m loving my new silver flops from Target! I wear flip flops everyday and it’s sometimes hard to find cute ones to wear to work. I wear a lot of silver jewelry so these flops compliment my outfit and my accessories and are perfect for Spring. They are also more comfortable than I expected. Not bad for $12.99! At my Target off University I only saw them in silver, but online they have them in other colors if silver is not for you. Here’s the website if you want to check it out: