The Breakfast House

Ever since moving to the area over 6 years ago I’ve wanted to try this place! The Breakfast House is a cute yellow house on Fruitville Rd near downtown Sarasota and are open daily until 2pm and serve breakfast and lunch. They offer a variety of breakfast and lunch options as well as seasonal meals and daily specials. Inside, the house is cozy with plenty of seating and cute decor. The clientele is mainly locals and at this time of year, returning Snowbirds.

For my first visit, today I tried the seasonal fall breakfast option which was Pumpkin Pancakes topped with pumpkin drizzle and served with warm pumpkin maple syrup. It was delicious and got me in the fall spirit! I also ordered a side of crispy bacon and grits. The bacon was cooked perfectly and the grits were yummy too! I didn’t realize the grits would be topped with green onions so I had to remove those before eating. This southern girl likes her grits with butter, salt and pepper, no onion. Overall my breakfast experience was great and I would highly recommend you giving The Breakfast House a try. NOTE: The weekends are a bit more crowded and may be a wait so try and come during the week if you can. 😁


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